About me, what to expect….

Hi! My name is Hollie. I am a divorced mom of two boys with supportive people I choose to have around me. I created this blog for myself more than anything. A journey, not necessarily in order of how it all occurred, but of how I turned a 85 lb girl into a 105 lb (& counting) powerhouse of a women (physically & mentally).  I realized I have a lot to share that people could learn from, I have a need to write (it keeps me focused, keeps my brain thinking in positive, growth building ways), and I have a passion to help people, So this seemed logical to me.

My goal is that you read, see or try something that helps you, a friend or a family member. This isn’t a site I am setting up for profitable gain. It is simply a place for me to be me. To hold myself accountable to what I know does amazing things for my mind, creativity, confidence and one of the BIGGEST reasons why I am where I am today. Writing, unleashes things in my brain that I can not explain. It peels layers and exposes clarity in life, purpose and what I should be doing with my life. My wish is that you can achieve those things as well.

A little about me but I prefer you learn about me through what I write and post. I am 40 years old, divorced and spent 12 years in an emotional & physically abusive relationship. (I have been out of it for over 9 years but the effects are like yesterday at times) I still to this day have to deal with these issues, as he is the father of our two children but it is my reality. and I have found ways to cope and tools to get me where I am today. What I can say is I am tougher now than ever before. It’s my journey of being “HOLLOW” how I got myself to “HEALTHY”. I still have daily struggles, feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I let self-doubt creep in and think I am not good enough or don’t deserve what I am trying to accomplish and get down on myself just like everyone else in the world. Sharing experiences makes me feel like I am contributing to the world & I hope that things I have found that really work for me, maybe will work for you too.

I come from a corporate customer service background but found my calling when I moved states and became a Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, USA Weightlifting Sports Coach. I feel like I was meant to do this but only after I went through a lot of BS in my life and had lessons to teach. I am passionate about what I do, how I can help people feel good in their own body and helping others to learn how to live healthy and happy in their mind, body & spirit.

You may find me writing about funny things in my day, teaching an exercise, posting a workout, recipe, nutrition advice (yes, I work on my nutrition just like everyone else), anything is game. I just know I need to write but I need accountability. A public blog to me is just that. So, sit back, read, watch, learn but MOST IMPORTANTLY…….DO!

Reach out via the contact page for any questions or comments