Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn….


And sometimes We Do Both!

My goal with this originally was to blog every day, I quickly realized that was hard to do! With my busy schedule, my visions for this blog streaming around in my head, kids, responsibilities, life and honestly not being in the”right” place the last few days to write made me realize something.

I had a choice, I could write after days of not, stand proud & try again or I could go where my head was “trying” to lead me. The path of “beating” myself up in my own head (yes, I do that & I fight like hell sometimes to be the opposite) and giving up on my blog, like 99% of us do (give up on our dreams & goals because we didn’t “get it” the first time) is not an option for me. We all say we are going to do something, we set a goal, we come out of the gate successful then we miss a day, then two, then three, then we never do it again. I didn’t want that to be me.

I shared this blog with too many people who gave me honest feedback, telling me it felt real, like it had passion behind it, like I was engaging you in a conversation instead of a perfectly written document on nutrition, fitness, health, life. .That all made me smile but still insecure to share & I think why I was holding back and not blogging. 🙂 All I want to accomplish with this is the ability to have an outlet that helps me be a better me and writing does that. Unfortunately my creativity doesn’t have a time table, I get creative when it strikes me, I am passionate about what I write and will share when I know it feels right (so just follow me already, lol) The benefit to you is that you (hopefully) gain & take-away knowledge. My hope for you is that you take away something that is meaningful to you, something you can relate to or maybe I just made you smile and well, that’s just awesome. 🙂

That is why I am here right now, see I need this more than you know. Writing for me is therapy but I have various types of writing. I have personal journal writing (those things that are a little too personal to share publicly or things I feel may honestly bore you as the reader, I want you to learn something or feel something after you read a blog post of mine), I draw sometimes, people say I should illustrate children’s books, I’ve thought about it but drawing for me is a kind of therapy/meditation for me too. I am constantly being creative programming workouts, boot camps, yoga, small group & personal training and that in itself is a lot of writing, thinking, planning and all these things help me to help my clients, friends, family with my education, knowledge and research behind all the things that I do and all the ways that I help people to help themselves.

TWO things happened to me today that I believe caused me to take action.

  1. My eldest son & I were reading an article on meanings of seeing frequent numbers ALL the time (11:11, 3:33, etc) & we came across a quote we both liked: “You are the creator of your reality and you need to take responsibility for it” 
  2. After I taught my boot camp tonight, I stayed around & talked to a client, member & friend. Just from our normal conversation, him giving me feedback on my blog & catching up. I realized exactly what i needed to blog about AND that I needed to continue to write. Thanks JK 🙂

I need to start believing the things I tell my students, clients and members:

You CAN do the things you put your mind too, Fail to succeed, but learn something & improve each time you pick yourself back up, do what feels good and what feels best to you and in your heart. We all have different paths, wants needs, goals and we are all on our own separate journeys. What we choose to share or NOT share with the world around us adds up to the legacy we do or do not leave behind. I want to help others to help others to help others.

So here is my NEW & improved Goal for my Blog:

I will post at least once a week but the reality of it is with that goal I will likely post way more than that. If I set a goal of 4-5 times per week, I guarantee I will fail, it is a lot of time to commit to and I am not in a place where I am 90% ready, willing or able to commit that time. I AM However 90% READY, WILLING & ABLE to do one time per week. (But we’ll see won’t we?)

To end for tonight, here are some helpful tips to picking yourself back up and trying again, (there is not much to do for the guilt but simply drop it and let it go. It’s not even worth another thought).

1: Forgive yourself for not making your goal the 1st, 5th, 18th or 111th time. Pick yourself up and start again.

2. Make your goal easier if you need to (and don’t feel bad about it) I WANT YOU TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL, not feel like you are chasing it.

3. Change your goal if you need to, like I did above to make it work for me, feel good about it and most importantly accomplish it!

4. Once you accomplish your goal 80% of the time over  a 7 day period. Do it again for 7 days BEFORE you start your ONE next new habit. One goal at a time!

5. Lean on a friend, spouse, loved one for support when you are feeling low, for input or just to talk.

6. Do something for you each day (even 5 minutes of breathing & meditation count, this doesn’t have to be long). Take a walk, do yoga, take a nap, go out for lunch/dinner, read a book, meditate, exercise, cook a healthy meal. There are so many options just don’t forget about your own self care in the process.

7. Keep being you, strive to be a better human than yesterday and make someone feel good about themselves today.

Until next time…….Follow your Passion and you will find your Purpose. 

Hollie 🙂

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