My #1 Recommendation of the supplement EVERYONE should & can add into their lives

As most of you know I am a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach. This was one of the best and most important certifications that I have obtained and it has made me a better, more knowledgeable coach to my clients.

Nutrition is always something I have struggled with & when I became a trainer was probably one of the hardest things was to have nutrition sessions with clients. I would cringe if I had do to one, I always felt like if I did something wrong or they didn’t lose weight, it was my fault.

Since I felt that way, I took action and sought out the best nutrition certification available, Precision Nutrition. I align with their behavior based coaching, not outcome based, diets or fixes. It’s proven to show sustainability to MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle, physically, emotionally & mentally. I think most Americans believe that the more you workout makes it alright to stuff your face with fast food or processed foods and that is simply not true. Or we feel like it’s too much work to meal prep or eat well or it’s too expensive, which simply isn’t true either. It’s way more about nutrition than it is about exercise. If you aren’t seeing results & you are consistent in your workouts, take a long hard look at your nutrition, the answer is there.

The BEHAVIORS/HABITS behind why you eat and WHAT you put in your mouth to FUEL your body is IMPORTANT.  It’s actually the most important decisions we make on a daily basis but it is one of the last things most of us puts any or much thought into. Our society strives for instant gratification, drive-thrus & REALLY large portions. When we should be grocery shopping the perimeter, having family meals & food portioning with our hand (which you can even do at a restaurant & take the leftovers home.) Managing your weight and nutrition can be easy, when you keep it SIMPLE, put a little thought and planning into it, care about your body and what you CHOOSE to FUEL it with.

You won’t catch me talking to you about 21 day fixes or giving you a meal plan.  (if that’s what your looking for, I’m probably not the blog for you.)  I can direct you to the most nutritious foods, which we all know are, whole unprocessed foods, and I can share knowledge through my blog to help you become healthier, one goal at a time.  I won’t make you weigh your food or count calories. what I WILL DO is make you take a hard look at what you are eating, why you are eating it, when you are eating it, teach you sustainable habits to make better food choices, and how to maintain those habits for life. It all starts with you and one goal, then another, then another. It’s a process, not a sprint, not a jog, heck it’s not even a skip. It’s a consistent, scheduled walk, with bumps in the roads, obstacles that we have to overcome, steps back that we take before stepping forward again. Strive for consistency & achieve small goals, they REALLY DO lead to HUGE results.

That leads me to my NUMBER 1 recommendation for becoming HEALTHIER that EVERYONE can do! Yes EVERYONE & Yes there is a reason I am only giving you ONE recommendation (keeping it simple). I want to give you one main thing to focus on and take away from this post & the above is just learning a little about me, how I coach, what I believe and some helpful tips some of you may not have known. 🙂


And drink MORE of it!

Most people I talk to, think they drink enough but in reality most do not. I do hear a lot of people say,  “there is water in this, insert any sugary drink name“, it is simply not the same nor is it water. Simple is best, keep to that motto. If you want to add a little FLAIR to your water, throw in a few flavored waters or some essential oils to change it up (I’m a big fan of lemon, orange and grapefruit).

Did you know that if you have a decrease in 1%, JUST 1% of your body water, you will see decreases in ENDURANCE and you will see a lack of STRENGTH & POWER. Water is vital, so drink more of it, your body literally lives off it.

How much water do I drink is the next question. If you’re like me you grew up with the “drink 8 -8 oz glasses of water a day” but that is not necessarily true for every person.

You should be striving to DRINK 1/2 of your body weight in ounces a day at the MINIMUM. Activity, intensity of activity, temperature, humidity, and many other things will all effect how much water you need to intake in a day.  Start with 1/2 your body weight in ounces and work up from there. I like to try for the 1/2 to 2/3 of my body weight but again it comes down to activity level, intensity etc.

(As an example, I weigh 102 lbs so I should be drinking around 50 to 75 ounces of water in a day). I as a nutrition coach and trainer struggle with water intake so I know I am not alone with a lot of others in the world having the same issue.) So here are some helpful tips to drinking more water:

  1. Get a QUALITY water bottle & USE IT!
  2. Set TIMERS throughout the day to remind you to drink, if you have trouble remembering (I have this problem) but eventually try to get into a habit to drink when you are thirsty & use the reminder as just that, a reminder if you forget.
  3. Drink a bottle before you train (or finish while you train and a glass after training.)
  4. Add 1-2 glasses with every meal. (Right here drinking 8 oz glasses, I am over halfway to 1/2 my weight in ounces and it’s only lunch!) Anyone CAN do this!
  5. If you are drinking a lot of water add some Celtic Sea Salt (if you notice persistent salt cravings, discuss it with your doctor)
  6. KEEP IT SIMPLE, Don’t over-think it. (More Activity in your day = More water that you drink)
  7. Still not sure if you are drinking enough? Look at your urine, yes your urine. If it’s clear & yellowish, you’re good. If it’s dark, cloudy or has a not great odor, you should up your water intake.

if you are looking to make this a lifelong habit, start off by working on drinking more water every day for the next two weeks & focus only on working on this goal, don’t pile goals on top of each other. Get a handle on one, then add another. Set timers, drink a glass of water instead of coffee (not replace it completely but add it in). I really enjoy coffee, so I try to reward myself. If I want coffee, I drink a glass of water FIRST. Then if I still want the coffee I have it but most times I don’t want it & the water satisfied my needs.

Use the tools you need to make it a sustainable habit then you will probably find yourself not relying on the timers, tools or reminders as it becomes your “new” normal.

If you do only ONE thing with your health and nutrition……..DRINK MORE WATER!

Until next time…..


P.S. I needed to add this to expand your thinking to beyond water intake and what else your drinking (consider it extra credit…lol)

Bring your attention to the quality of what you’re drinking. and ask yourself these questions before making a decision….

Do your drinks make your body, performance, and/or recovery better?
Do they add value?
Or do your drinks make your body, performance, and/or recovery worse?
Do they subtract value?

All you’re doing here is making each drink a conscious choice, rather than a mindless one.


Close up pouring water into glass on a blue background

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