Ever feel like….

You are about one slip of your fingers away from falling into complete and utter failure, kind of like what I look like above minus the smile on my face.

The above picture was taken of me today, feeling good, confident, and happy. I felt those ways because I  pushed past what I saw as a HUGE fear, creating a blog & putting it out there. The funny thing was all the fear was before I did it. I probably talked myself out of it 100 times because one person suggested I not create a blog, while many others were pushing me to do it.

When I finally dived in yesterday, created a site and wrote a post. I didn’t immediately post it to my Facebook, a little bit of the fear, it’s still there because I haven’t shared it on my Facebook yet. I shared it with a few friends, some close, some not so close and asked for their opinions. I asked what they thought, did they think I was crazy for doing this? The responses I got back, made me proud that I pushed past some small fear of people judging me. Was  I going to let a small few control my fears, feelings and emotions all because I am scared about what they are going to think? (If I did that, I would be living a little like the 12 years I was with my ex and ain’t nobody got time for that!)

OR was I going to write what I want, what I am passionate about, what I know will help me grow as a person, a trainer, a coach, a mom, and a spouse. My hope is that the people who choose to read this gain knowledge, inspiration and a desire to make themselves not so hollow and maybe a little more healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. We all have our own path we walk in life, part of  mine is teaching others how to push past fear, live confidently and be happy with yourself, who you are as a person and what you stand for.

You know that feeling inside when you have a new GREAT idea, you tell someone and they think it is the worst idea ever! Yet, you have this overwhelming feeling it is the path you should go. More often than not, this is where all our dreams go to die because we let that ONE person decide our fate for us. One person says, that’s dumb or the worst idea, that it will never work and we then NEVER pursue it. All because we are too fearful and scared of what that one person might say instead of how many people you could help with the words you write, the experiences you share and the ideas you have.

Look at the fear you have and ask yourself why you are really fearful of it. Do you think you might succeed? What would that look like? Does it scare you to succeed? Explore your why about your fear, remember that most fear is created in our own mind and usually never actually happens. Listen to your intuition, what tells you that you are on your right path of growth, change and becoming a better human than you were yesterday.

Had I not pushed past fear, I would still be back in Iowa, still married to my controlling ex-husband (or hoping with a entire different kind of fear that I was still on this planet), I would not be in a position where I could help so many with fitness, nutrition, or tools to deal with physical and emotional abuse, yoga, mobility, essential oils and healthy living. I would be searching for a blog like this to push me into finding me again. (I’ll explain how I left the marriage in another post, but I will tell you this, for me it all started with yoga & a mom who never stopping trying.) Looking back, all the fears I have now seem so small when I compare it to leaving a 12 year relationship with 2 small children (4 & 18 months) and not knowing if I could do it alone. It’s all about perspective and what may be a fear to you today may not be one tomorrow. I’m living proof of that in more ways than one. (By the way the kids are 10 & 14 now). You can do it, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

So tell that Fear to get out of your ear! Go be that AWESOME self I know that you are and share who your are with the world!

Until next time…..


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