First is always the worst…

Isn’t it? No matter what I write or share, my 10th, 30th, heck 300th post will be better than my first. But we have to start somewhere and practice, like every other thing we do in life. Whether it’s work, fitness, parenting, relationships or just plain living. The more we practice, the more we do it, the better we get. Along with that, will come failure but I believe without failure you are unable to succeed in what you want to accomplish. FAILURE = SUCCESS (eventually, it’s just most people give up before it happens). 

I started this for myself, I need to write, it’s cleansing, healing and calming for me and if others what to read it, I hope they take away something positive from it and learn something about themselves. For me, this is therapeutic, it’s something I am well aware needs to happen in my life on a daily basis so this is a way to hold myself accountable and maybe teach others in the process, which is one of my passions.

It’s a way for me to “share my story” without having to “share my story” to every person I meet, it’s all here in one place. I can reach more people and maybe make someone feel not so alone in a world where I think many are lonely. I’ve been through a lot in my life & I forget that at times, until I start talking to friends, clients and family. If I don’t share it somewhere what will happen to it after I am gone, it will leave with me. So I find myself here, writing and not sure what I should say or talk about.

I have decided I’m going with the simple way, as keeping it simple always seems to be best. We all know the acronym, K.I.S.S or “Keep it simple, stupid ” I like to refer to it as “Keep it Simple & Straightforward” A little more positive spin on the saying.

So, here is me keeping it simple, my goals for the week, the list is short because frankly we need to feel 90% Ready, Willing & Able to even attempt a goal & really get after it. If the goal you want to accomplish is difficult and will take time, as most do. Make the goal easier and easier until you feel 90% Ready, Willing & Able to complete it, then once you accomplish it, set another goal (smaller one that gets you to your final goal) and complete that. Rinse and Repeat, until you accomplish your goal. Remember, Slow & Steady wins the race!

I have two goals that I am working on this week (for beginners I recommend 1 goal at a time and work on it for 2 weeks, everyday) I am working on them for a solid week because my 90% right now is to think about the next 7 days not the next 14.

GOAL 1: Blog something everyday. Nutrition advice, workouts/advice, stretches, life experiences, something funny or informative that I read, my kids & the craziness of our lives, testimonies about products I use and probably everything in between.

GOAL 2: Be a little stricter about getting a workout or some type of movement for me in everyday. Being a trainer, I am in the gym pretty much every day, there is no excuse that I can’t do something each and everyday (that isn’t part of a class I am teaching). I need to set the example, if I am not, how can I expect my clients to do it?

Happy to say that both of these goals have been accomplished today, Goal 1 you just read and  Goal 2 is below. I will list the weight amounts I used below for those of you who are interested, the workout is in the video 🙂

Back Squat: 95#|100#|105#

Push Press #25

Deadlift #125

Hope you enjoyed my first post -Stay Happy -Stay Healthy and Keep Moving!



This 2nd video shows all of the exercises in a little more length


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